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LCI Education announces a partnership with Universidad VERITAS in Costa Rica!

Bilgi Talebi
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Şubat 07, 2018

Exciting news! The LCI Education network just announced a partnership with the renowned Universidad VERITAS located in San José, Costa Rica, adding a 23rd campus to its growing family of private higher education institutions. This means LCI Education now has a total of 4 campuses in Latin America, where it has been thriving for the past 20 years with two campuses in Colombia and one in Mexico.

Since its opening 50 years ago, Universidad VERITAS is known as the first private university in Costa Rica, where it has become a synonymous of high-quality education in Latin America and one of the best private universities for Art, Design and Architecture. With a total of 1,400 students in Digital Animation, Photography, Cinema and Television, Fashion Design, Product Design, Design and Visual Communication, Architecture and Interior Architecture, it provides credentials ranging from Bachelors to Professional Degrees. Costa Rica, being recognized for its unique culture, its efforts in sustainability and eco-tourism, offers new mobility opportunities within the network and a premium destination for international students.

“This alliance with Universidad VERITAS, a key player in high quality education in Art, Design and Architecture, is fully aligned with our vision to become the world’s leading network of select private educational institutions”, said Claude Marchand, President and CEO of LCI Education.

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